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A – Atlas Vertebra.

B – Thoracic vertebra.

C – Scapula.

D – Lumber vertebra.


A – Neck

B – Thorax

C – Pectoral girdle.

D – Abdomen


In a tabular form

Under A

1. Reduced Neural spine.

2. Centrum Absent.

Under D

1. Neural spine broad and massive.

2. Centrum present and well developed.


1. Both B and d have no vertebraterial canal.

2. Both have prominent Neural spines.


Draw the diagram []


E – Pooter

F – Sweep net

G – Tridax fruit.

H – Tadpole


E – used for sucking in of tiny invertebrates such as insects from leaves.

F – Used for capturing flying insects such as butterfly.


G is dispersed by wind.


1 – Sticky secretion for clinging to submerged vegetation.

2 – Skin and external gills for respiration.

3 – Tail for swimming.



I – Spirogyra

J – Okro fruit.

K – Mango fruit.

L – Tick

M – Bean weevil.


1. Cup shaped chloroplasts.

2. Green, with cylindrical cells.


In a tabular form

Under J

1. Dry dehiscent fruit

2. Many seeded.

3. Dispersal by explosion.

Under K

1. Succulent fruit.

2. One seeded.

3. Dispersal by animal.


L – Arachnida.

M – Insecta.


L – Blood sucking of ticks causes irritation.

M – Feed on seeds thereby reducing the quality and value of the beans.


Draw the diagram []


In a tabular form

Under L

1. Have no wings to fly.

2. Has no snout.

Under M

1. Have wings for flying.

3. Has an elongated snout



N – Cactus plant.

O – Water lettuce.

P – Soldier termite.


N – Dry or arid land(terrestrial)

O – Fresh water swamp(aquatic)

P – Soil or wood.



1 – Thick succulent stems for storing water.

2 – Spikes protect cast from animals.

3 – Thick, waxy skin to reduce loss of water and to reflect heat.


1 – Tiny hairs on the roots and leaves helps it to float.

2 – Waxy leaves which help water run off easily.

3 – Hairy leaves trap air bubbles, making it survive oxygen deficient mediums.


Draw the diagram []


1 – Good source of animal protein as food

2 – Termites drive earthworms from soil that enchance soil fertility.


Soldier termites defend the nest from enemies and do protect the workers during food gathering.


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